To Thr33 From 3

   This is a different kind of Get'm Productions style than most are used to, Skweeze chose to use an intimate, acoustic, coffee-shop, style setting. 
   The album opens with a beautiful strum of a guitar, after a short intro of some picking and strumming, you hear just where you sit on this roller-coaster. 

             "I know I've Tried... But below seems deemed for me... N' so esteemed for me..."

   This song then addresses the façade of the music industry. The implication that most listeners get from their favorite mainstream influence. Contritely, there is a sound of hope, hope that "Home" will be found within that implied safety of sound. The want to feel that feeling is then yearned for within the chorus. Skweeze plea's and begs, "I want to be! I want to see,..." admitting to the growth of his past lies and faults growing into a broken pride. That broken pride, it took home with it. And the want to maintain that pride had then inadvertently caused "Home" to pass by without knowledge it was going to even leave. The curve-ball of this whole opening track happens when the final chorus reaches an end, when "home" sinks into the listener to be so many things. Now the true seat of this roller-coaster is showing the placement of the listener on this journey.

   Song two then opens, hinting back to song one with the mistaken decisions leading to an 'adverse to acceptable' lonely present moment. Want's being spoken of as self destructive and absent minded acts of treason to one's self without regard to the consequences. 'GREED' is described and implied without needed mention. To then explain a better position on the view of moral and ethical presence, Skweeze states "All that's caring, sharing, sparing, is full of inner-pride." Dictating the vital separation of pride and greed. 

  'To THR33 From 3' is an album that is sure to keep a special place within your heart. Skweeze asks that you listen to it through it's entirety, join 'The GETM Family', and help share the understanding of what it is to be authentic and truly love thy fellow human being. 



What's been in the news?

 "...unapologetic and delivers it to his audience raw. The fans love it because at this point in Hip-Hop people want something real and gritty. Get’m Productions seems to be the hero they need."


"A large goal of his with GETM (Give Everything To Music) family/movement is to one day open a charity to supply either could be foster parents with extra money, or placement facilities housing and feeding orphaned or otherwise homeless children and teens, with extra funding throughout the times of year when fiscal needs are least obtainable by means of the government and local programs of said facility(s)."

Skweeze | CEO

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