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Perspective, Power, & Value


We all have it. No matter if you're a manic depressive with multiple personalities, or a happy adult, with a strong sense of self.

The latter being the more desirable to most.

However... Life, as we know it, will find it's ironic clutches of self-deprecation wrapped all around you, your reality, and your perspective at some point, if not already. I'm sure some have already traversed this (seemingly) proprietary-to-self adversity. We who have, can verify, you face a moral and ethical dilemma within your soul and mind in these times. To overcome a task in life, we are always told to prepare.


How do we prepare for a situation so deep within? How does a person achieve not only the ego to disregard emotions over a belief, but also the integrity to challenge oneself.


My belief, which is scary... is retrospection. You see, retrospection is more of an ability in my mind than a style of sequenced ideas. To define that in a more digestible manner; Idea's that lead to a change in your thought's and emotions ABOUT a past-tense situation. Plainly, that is retrospection. However not in the way I use the word. When I say it, I mean the ability to see someone else, or something not relative to your normal, or heard something out of the ordinary, and it lead you to a creed.

A holy grail. A belief within you so strong that calling it a belief is an understatement. It becomes a practice that separates families, long time friends, forcing a change in the true reality and universe one gets to observe.

The reason I believe retrospection is the key to worthy being and worthy ideals, is FAILURE.

Failure is always on peoples minds around this earth. Whether being a CEO fantasizing of competition toppling to advance market dominance, the janitor, pushing a mop daily in the building, cleaning restrooms, emptying trash, or the homeless man waiting to ask the man who works in the skyscraper if he could have some money to eat.

Failure is a thing that in this case, would accrue to different values.


Upon examination of our example, and with the value of failure in mind, we can safely say, failure is equally amongst the people found to be similar. The ability to be happy. To avoid or overcome sadness.

Growing up in a small town, like I did, everyone knows everyone right? That's what they always say. But who are they? See, this is the power of words, sequence, and intent. Which leads me to my true subject here. POWER.

The value of power held by the statement: In a small town, everybody knows everybody. A statement we accept at face value. Just like the people in a small town nowadays, or for as long as I can remember.

The truth is, in a small town, a grown man, grown woman, all the way to a child, can present to an outsider an idea of somebody, or something else, in a way that one couldn't possibly construed as a lie, or even an exaggeration. But because of the power of words and language, us, as a species and of the American media idea of reality, will commit to that presentation through instinct, not analyzing the grand scheme.


In the music, we hold that power. The power to change full on ethical and moral integrity. We can lead a young person to an unbreakable character. A person who will observe. A student of life. I see far too many of my past relationships, friends, and even most of my biological family, have chosen to be a character, yet, have an ego large enough to be exposed to themselves by another, and defend the most of contradictory stances. Never letting themselves feel the need to care. Never learning. I see that as a direct reflection to the majority of music that is sought for by consumers. So you see, being in the music industry, especially now in the digital-singles-age, is exactly what the consumers want. Contradictory. Subject to interpretation. Not the practice of analyzing different interpretations like it should be, but contextually, most "big" artists aren't even the one's writing the songs, so we can't expect them to make a stand. To challenge their value of failure. That's like asking a person to destroy their most sentimental of keepsakes. As independent publishers, labels, promoters, artists, etc. We must make the loudest noise to grow. But competing against the fully funded major artist, which truly, ends up a tax credit regardless, can make it easy to content clash. In the aim to stand out, we all know we must be at the least, auditorily pleasant, but context can be construde, and therefor in the pursuit of presence among competition; especially in the music industry, I find that most have subscribed to using trends and consumer sources of value in ways one could dub/call it "making it".

I urge that we do that, however, in the juxtapose manner. Juxtapose meaning comparable through similarity yet noticeably opposing in a foundational way.

To summit a task, or climb the mountain, we must group up, we must stand up, examine our musical backgrounds, our influences, our most meaningful memories attached to music, and look into the value of the heartfelt serenity within those places.

Is the product you are pushing to consumers of the value to impact the quality and quantity of people out there who all deserve to feel those moments, and experience those character defining situations?

If it is not, then rethink your strategies, find a way to understand your purpose as a music artist. If you don't understand what I am saying, find a way to be a musician.

Because the title of artist isn't one that a person can just use to summarize their existence. It is a defining term that some choose to chase in the expectation of having a chance to impact the world.

If your music and message is of the value; One to be a tune in one of those character defining moments. Then reach out and we can create, we can make the memories, we can make those moments. Thank you.

I am Jacob Skelly, owner of GETM Records, wherein I build artists using their aspiration and goals to educate them, showing them the actual distribution and publishing process; Alongside walking them through copyrights, and their importance. Reach out if you feel you want to join that fight.

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