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NUTSHELL - Alice In Chains (COVER)

Nutshell.... Well, In a nutshell;

this song for me, depicts a growth, but a growth that is momentarily pleasing;

in the long run, however, is contritely self-deprecating.

The album cover, I made as a nod to this message. Old-style tube televisions, once in a while, would become loose with the connection to the cable, causing the picture to skip as it was rendered, rising from the bottom of the television.

Though, today, we do not usually face the issue of finding the plyers, man-handling a large plastic (or wooden) box, and then having a friend or family member give you the "It's good!" or "It's not good!" until you found the correct placement of the cable; We instead face the true problem, We have become so blinded by the qualities and nuances of the picture that I believe we have lost sight of the true thing happening in the first place. The travel and exposition of information, be it, through audible, visual, or contextual means. What is the true purpose of what you are consuming in your media? Are you chasing misprinted lies? Are you allowing your sense of self to be outright blatantly raped? Are you allowing your privacy to be combed, and evaluated? I hope you enjoy the raw, unfiltered nature; I chose to attack this song with. I also hold hope within me that you will see the true message and join the fight against geographically, economically, and subconsciously controlled tailored content. The modern way of business is, 'If the service is free, YOU ARE THE PRODUCT' and with more light being shed on the actual amount of total monopolization in today's "human nature" I believe the movement of those privy will be calculated. And just as cold as those in control have allowed it to be, but with the impact and meaning that coldness has come lacking. Much love and appreciation to you, your family, your efforts, your up's, your down's, MOSTLY, YOU! Check out Alice In Chains Website HERE Check out My Favorite version of NUTSHELL - Alice In Chains HERE


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