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Tanu Weds Manu: A Romantic Comedy Film by Aanand L. Rai

manus son sandeep and tanus son keerthana turn out to be an ideal couple, and they fall in love with each other. when the family goes to india for an annual family holiday, sandeep and keerthana are told that they cannot get married. they then decide to secretly get married. at the airport, manu and tanu find out about their marriage. at that time, they also find out that tanus son has been killed in an accident. tanu is distraught, and she feels guilty. however, she tries to convince herself that sandeep and keerthana deserve to be happy, and that she cannot take his place. she does not tell manu about the truth about sandeep and keerthana's marriage.

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tanu weds manu 2011 bluray full hd movie free downloadmanoj manu sharma (r. madhavan) is an nri doctor living in london. he comes to india to find an indian bride and get married. his parents have already short-listed some girls for him to meet, and they take him to kanpur to meet tanuja tanu trivedi (kangana ranaut). after they land in kanpur, a bunch of goons on the street pick a quarrel with manu for no reason at all, and give him a few slaps, due to which he reaches the trivedi residence in an untidy condition. at tanus house, the two sets of parents find that they get on extremely well with each other, and decide that if manu likes tanu, they can finalize the matter immediately. there is one minor hitch: tanus mother tells her guests that tanu has been ill since yesterday and is unable to rise from bed. she asks manu to go up to tanus bedroom and meet her there. she shows manu to tanus room and goes away to the kitchen. tanu is very unresponsive, and manu initially thinks that she is shy and bashful. he soon realizes that tanu is in fact fast asleep. he gazes upon her beautiful sleeping figure, and likes what he sees. he comes downstairs and tells both the families that he is willing to marry her.


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