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Shemale With Muscles

Ms. Jaffey had to be in her 40's but she towered over me. Ms. Jaffey used to be a female bodybuilder as well, so she looked like she could snap my neck with one hand (not literally, she wasn't that big). She stood at 6,3 and weighed at least 250 lbs. Her breasts were huge and voluptuous, and it was hard not to stare. She had long black hair with red highlights, and tanned skin. Her lips were puffy and her eyes emerald green.

shemale with muscles

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The next morning I came back to her house, and before I entered I received a text from her, all it said was, "upstairs." I walked cautiously up to the second floor where her massive bedroom was. I walked in and heard the door slam behind me with the click of a lock. I span around to see Ms. Jaffey naked, with a look of pure lust in her face. I looked down to see a thick, and hairy, 8-inch penis that she was stroking viciously.

She shoved me into place with just her right hand and began licking off all of her cum on my body. On my chest, on my neck, and on my balls. She then grabbed my cheeks same as before, and shoved her cum in my mouth. I became hazy, I didn't know what was happening. Her cum tasted sweet and salty, as she worked it around the inside of my mouth. I didn't want to swallow but couldn't help myself. She giggled in my mouth as she heard me swallow. She continued kissing me until I tried pushing away, which she seemed to relish, as she groaned and pushed into me harder. She rubbed her hand over my chest, and moved her hand down to stomach. She grabbed my limp dick and balls, and continued to squeeze them as I let out whimpers. She raped my mouth a few more times with her tongue and then broke the kiss.

"God your body is just what I fucking want, you little slut, I'm gonna use you real good. You're gonna call me Mommy from now on baby." She shoved her tongue back in my mouth, and made out with me for another minute before backing off.

When I woke up I was in an old basement hanging from the ceiling. I was completely naked. My wrist, waist, chest, legs and feet were held up by leather straps. I was dangling four feet from the ground with my belly facing the floor. Ms. Jaffey entered from nowhere. She was wearing nothing but a hot pink thong barely containing her huge member.

"MMM YEAH!" She smacked my ass with force, "You love it when Mommy rims you, don't you!" I was beginning to lose my mind, was I actually beginning to enjoy this? My thought was interrupted when I felt her index finger, still wet with my saliva, probe and circle my asshole.

I moaned. I moaned like a girl, as I felt her fingers pump in and out of my asshole, stimulating my prostate. She would occasionally rub my prostate gland hard with her two giant fingers, sending me screaming with pleasure.

"I'll get what I want boy, Mommy always gets what she wants, you open your mouth now." She said threateningly. I shyly opened my mouth an inch. She grabbed me by the nose with two huge fingers and shoved her cock to the back of my throat, her pubes in my face. She held me there for a minute. I was beginning to choke and panic. Then she began moving her cock back and forth.

She began coaching me as I gagged on her member. To my surprise it worked. She began pumping back and forth with her hips. Sliding her dick in and out of my mouth over and over. She would occasionally take it all out and shove it all the way back in as I would gasp for air.

I woke up on her bed, with a dildo in my mouth with a letter on the end of it. It read: "Dear son, I had a lot of fun today, you're coming back tomorrow, and we're gonna have lots of fun, today's pay is on the table. Keep up the good work for Mommy!"

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Let's start with a mutual nude massage so you can feel my amazing body against yours, and then see where what wants to happen between us. I am fun and full of exhilirating surprises, starting with the one I tuck nicely between my legs. Come and find out for yourself.

My name is CAROLINA , and I am a muscular crossdresser, also known as a CD. That means I have a beautiful natural smoot body,a very muscular physique with no breast implants - no fake boobs - and a very large, thick 8" cock. I do have very muscular pectoral muscles (pecs) you can enjoy and I carry my bodyweight (220lbs.) with dignity and grace, like a true lady. 041b061a72


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