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Firmware Error With The GoPro Hero3 Black

The latest gopro HERO3 firmware is located here on their site. I recommend checking that you have the latest GOPRO HERO3 firmware by following these instructions. This is the list of the latest GOPRO HERO3 updates.

Firmware error with the GoPro Hero3 Black


For the HERO3+ series (and earlier) you could go through the process on the GoPro website here. If you need the latest firmware then great, go through the process and kill two birds with one stone. But chances are you have the latest as the HERO3+ series has not had a firmware update since late 2014 (at the time of writing - July 2016) since they have the shiny Hero4 camera to focus on (and no doubt a HERO5 at some point).

I have never had an issue with the Hero 3 crashing or freezing. However when I owned a Hero 2 it did crash or freeze every so often. I managed to work out through a little trial and error that the SD card was to blame. There are loads of dodgy/fake SD cards out there and I had managed to pick one up. Since then I have bought my cards from only a few select online suppliers.

Hi, just resolved the on /off problem with my go pro hero3+. The additional battery add was uncharged whilst the integral battery was fully charged. Remove add on battery and charge up and the problem is solved!

Step 3: After formatting your SD card, reinsert it back into your GoPro and power it on. If the error persists, there could be a problem with your camera recognizing SD cards or with your SD card itself.

GoPros need a Class 10 microSD card, which is one of the fastest options. However, not all Class 10 cards are the same, different brands may have a slower read or write speed than others. That means you could see an SD card error even with a class 10 microSD card.

Some errors can be fixed with a firmware or software update. A firmware issue is more likely to be the cause if you are using a newer SD card with an older GoPro version. Firmware updates can also solve a number of other common GoPro issues.

GoPro SD errors can be frustrating, but they can often be fixed with minimal investment, if any at all. Checking your card speed, formatting the card, updating the GoPro firmware, and cleaning the card connection are all simple DIY fixes.

Another reason many people reset their WiFi completely is some bug in a software or firmware update. Resetting Wi-Fi passwords in GoPro HERO 3 is easy. However, if this is your first attempt to pair the GoPro App with your camera, you should use the default passcode, which is "goprohero".

I updated my HERO3 Black more than a month ago after being told at my local camera shop that there was a firmware fix for the freezing issue. So far, the update seems to have fixed it. I've used my HERO3 on a couple of shoots since the update with no freezing problems.

With this update I am finally able to use my remote without any freezing. Better still I am now able to control and preview the Hero black using my netbook remotely just like the GoPro app. This is a good update for me, for now:)

@J hanna - Quality is worth it if you can deal with the freezing up issue. Typically pulling the battery out and placing it back in will basically reboot the camera when it's locked up. It sounds more like a software issue which hopefully can be resolved through firmware.

today i updated a friends Hero 3 and everything was working fine. i went to update my hero 3 and when the update started installing on the camera i noticed that the LCD touch screen on the back was wigging out. it had a lot of different colors and lines so i removed the screen and went to removed the battery. after removing the battery i went to turn my Hero 3 back on after putting the battery back in and no my Hero 3 doesnt do anything. no lights no sounds. NO NOTHING. im wondering if when the firmware was installing and i removed the battery it locked the gopro. if anyone knows of anyways to fix this please let me know.

This firmware is strictly for the Hero2.The hero3 black max resolution video is pretty big for playback on just any computer.You need a serious machine with impressive specs to playback the max res. hero3 videos.

When you buy a GoPro device and use an SD card with it, you are likely going to come across various GoPro SD card error like GoPro SD card error when recording. Most of these errors are due to your SD card not being compatible with the device. However, there could be other reasons as well as to why your GoPro refuses to work with the given SD card.Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to fix Gopro SD card error. In the following guide, you will learn why you have SD card error on GoPro Hero 5 Black, 5, 4, 3 and how you can go about fixing it. You will learn multiple methods of fixing the issue, so if one does not work, you have another to try.

The above guide answers your "why does my GoPro says SD card error" and shows you the fixes to fix your SD card error and to get your card to work with your device. Tenorshare 4DDiG for Windows Data Recovery is recommended if you have any data lost due to GoPro SD card Error.

The free Super One Button Mode scripts identified H3B only work with the HERO3 Black camera and requiresfirmware version HD3.03.03.00, released July 29, 2013. It is recommendedthat you update to this version of the firmware if you don't already have it.As GoPro releases updates, we will test theoperation with the new firmware.

The scripts noted H3+ for the HERO3+ Black and HERO3+ Silver have been tested withthe HERO3+ Black firmware HD3.11.01.00, released with cameras manufactured inAugust and September, 2013, HD3.11.01.04, as shipped in November, 2013,and HD3.11.02.00, as shipped in March, 2014.

The scripts on this page have been tested with the current version ofthe GoPro firmware for the HERO3 Black camera as of July 29, 2013(version HD3.03.03.00).GoPro may offer you the option of updating the camera firmware at some time. It ispossible that the updated firmware will no longer support Super One Button Mode scripts.

The downloaded file will be named and it will contain the filesnecessary to install the firmware on your camera. It is a good idea to rename the file withthe version number (, for example) and to save it to your backup device.

It can be useful to be able to read and write the SD card without removing it from the camera.If you need to do this, it is possible, but requires a modification to the GoPro firmware.We can provide you with more information, if needed.

  • Other reasons for scripts not working and things to try:If you have not updated your HERO3 Blackfirmware to Version HD3.03.03.00, released July 29, 2013, thescripts will not work if the camera is plugged into a USB charger.With the latest HERO3 Black firmware, the camera can be charging and run scripts.At least one user reports the scripts working with a charger connected and not working without one.Others have reported the exact opposite.

  • Even with the latest firmware, some USB chargers or cables can interfere with the scripts. Make sure your power source is capable of providing at least 1Amp at 5Volts. If you are using a HERO3 or HERO3+ camera with external power, we strongly recommend using a H3 Battery Eliminator. The coupler style Battery Eliminator replaces the GoPro battery to bypass a problem that some users have had with the GoPro charging logic causing the camera to freeze and require a reset.

  • The update.cmd file may still be on the SD card. Delete it.

  • There may be a hidden problem with the SD card. Format it (full format, not quick format) or try a different card. You can also try formatting with this SD Card Formatter.

  • If the camera comes on and shoots video or does something other than take a photo, the camera is not set to default to power on in the correct mode. Change the setting on the camera.

  • Remove the battery from the camera for 30 seconds. Then try again.

  • Make sure your SD card has a UHS Speed Class 3 rating (U3). The SD card might have the same product name as a card on the GoPro List, but are an older version that only has a U1 rating. 64GB SD cards do not seem to work with the HERO3+. One customer reported the 64GB Kingston XC SD as working for him.We have also heard of success with the Sandisk Extreme 64GB MicroSDXC card.

Sometimes. The firmware on the HERO3 White and Silver cameras is different from the HERO3Black. Some operations can be performed with the Black that cannot be done on the othereditions. You have to ask in each case, whether a custom script is possible.


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