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Beyond the scope of entertaining his 'fam'-base, Skweeze Getm has honed a great skill level in his audio engineering. He regularly likes to take sounds and produce within them, a texture, a physical sense of presence. One could ponder what his ears are able to sense in the air, mixing the sounds of a track or project using spatial placement, creating a separation between the high, mid, and low frequencies, submersing the audio into a hearable room, each instrument, each sound, holding a specific place as to not disturb or drown out the others. Production as well has come unto his creation ability, claiming that all good music follows the songwriters formula, he states a goal where self expression within the projects he arranges, is at the forefront but not taking all focus as true hit songs must remain relative to a degree of curiosity. Many more tours are sure to come for a man who has dedicated so much life, so much steadfast appreciation, and outright passion for a career he truly epitomizes as a craft in evolution of optimization.
Influence, the structure of expectation, as many who have seen him live would agree, A Getm performance shows heavy similarities to artists of all genres, being a lyricist, avid player of the cello, pianist, harmonica, guitarist, bassist, vocalist, producer, engineer, and audio tech, Skweeze draws inspiration for hip hop from artists such as 50 Cent, E40, and Dr. Dre. 'Get Rich or Die Tryin'' Was the first hip hop album he had ever been gifted; the Christmas that the album came out. He also admired the vocalizations, rhyme schemes, and the vocabulary of E40 due to his ability to be enigmatic with his content in a way many try, but fail to come close, much less match in effort or action. Dr. Dre though, now that is an influence you hear within Skweeze just about every time he sits down at a piano. He has said since he began learning audio "I will be the Dr. Dre of my generation. I don't much seek fame, to me it is an affliction of image imposing on inner sensations of comfort.


Aside the many strengths in constant practice and evolution, branding i.e. maintaining the colors used in GETM Logo's and Merch, to have fluidity is dire to an artist in a professional setting, as one who does their research will see, Skweeze takes all things to a professional level. Even going as far to add copyright data and credit metadata to all images posted from the Getm Outlet. Metadata has shown a great value and importance due to its affect on SEO (search engine optimization). This hyper-focused mindset is also what has led to the boundless potential GETM has proven with textured auditory sound and vocals of the new releases, the tamber and tone aren't foggy, they do not clash. A whole new vibrancy has begun in the musical stylings of Get'm. Skweeze owns several LLC's and (since starting the leap into a corporate mindset) LLC formation and obtaining an EIN as well as bookkeeping and maintaining quarterly taxes are at the forefront of most days in the Getm Studio. It truly is in his words "a curse" to be an artist at a pro level, business, licensing, distribution, production, and still Getm's new tracks have a beautiful hearable room that has an evenly equalized left, right, up, down, and forward, as well as backward placement of all tones and notes. Tour Routing as well, has become such a forte. From booking venues, to handling ticketing, making sure local support as well as local openers are all set and prepped well before the show day to ensure proper promotion of the event.

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     But I will strive everyday to produce and teach, coveting only more knowledge to share with more up and coming young artists and producers."
A large goal of his with GETM (Give Everything To Music) family/movement is to one day open a charity to supply either could be foster parents with extra money, or placement facilities housing and feeding orphaned or otherwise homeless children and teens, with extra funding throughout the times of year when fiscal needs are least obtainable by means of the government and local programs of said facility(s). An academic scholarship is also a HUGE part of the goals behind the music with GETM, many young musicians/songwriters/poets, they come from struggle, they come from fight, thus leading that young man or woman to not have the greatest GPA in school, but this scholarship, is planned to be, and will, operate adjacent the norm. GPA will not affect one's ability to obtain it. The requirements will be much more tailored to one facing the life of chasing lights, as some say, in the entertainment industry.


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